About us

        Atelier Stone is born in Paris and is inspired by the designer’s childhood.

Chemsy was raised in an Andalusian and Moroccan background and her creations see light in such motley fusions and gestures. A grandmother who introduced her to the expression of flamenco and would hand make traje de flamenca dresses for her. A passionate father who taught her about re-silience through the beauty of past mysticism and energies of the laws of attraction.

And to her forever mesmerizing muse, her mother, in her memory she dedicates her creations.


Chemsy, my light in arabic, desired hand made pieces that would spread this inner light.

Jewelry that merged past and present moments for a modern relic of talismans that would protect and empower those in its possession.

She seeks the perfect im- perfections in her creations for a singular expression, unique like each one of us. 

There is a story in every piece, pieces that have travelled with her and transform into your own journey once in your hands.

The raw beauty of imperfections are essential — beauty is redefined in the irregularity and asymmetry of the human gesture as she creates each piece in her hands in her little atelier.